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    elcome to BEYOND THE FALL, a post-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim RP forum. This RP forum is rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, & Use of Alcohol. It is recommended that you are 18+ to join BtF.

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    t's Summer Time! I hope you've got your roleplaying faces on, because we are officially opened! For all you guests out there, be sure to join in on the fun as we kick-off the start of the site with the Felcrown plot! We are hoping to fill up as many leadership positions as we can so that we can get this party started.

    There are unlimited number of characters that you can make, but keep in mind that when it comes to activity checks, we will have a minimum post-count per character since its creation in order for you to keep it. If not, they will be declared inactive and will be sent to the archives.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to shoot a staff member a PM, or you are free to post in our member support forum in The Summit category.

    -- Arcane, the Great

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No New Posts Guidebook
All of the forum and roleplay rules can be found here, as well as guidelines on plot, timeline, face claim, and more. Please start here!
9 2 Jul 2 2014, 12:15 AM
By: Arcane
No New Posts Announcements
Any and all important announcements regarding details on plots, changes in rules, polls, etc. will be posted here.
1 0 Jun 29 2014, 02:39 PM
In: Summer Staff Search!
By: Arcane
No New Posts Support
If you have any questions on things that may be unclear or suggestions on how to make us better, please post here! Information on vetoes can be found here.
Subforums: Character Vetos and Overrides

2 0 Sep 2 2014, 03:40 AM
In: Invite to an RPG Event!
By: Heather

Collapse   The Forge
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No New Posts Character Creation
Here you can register your characters for the roleplay. When approved, they'll be moved to the appropriate boards.
Subforums: Argonian, Altmer, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orisimer, Redguard

17 12 Jul 22 2014, 12:28 AM
In: Veradis Mero | WIP |
By: Veradis Mero
No New Posts Quests
This board is where a member can have his or her character sign up for a Quest, either by his or herself, or with a partner. Quests will then be roleplayed out in their respective areas, and XP is rewarded at the end!

Subforums: Quest Submission, Quests in Progress, Completed Quests

1 0 May 23 2014, 02:14 PM
In: Quest template
By: Arcane
No New Posts Rp Positions
Here you may see which special positions and abilities are open in the rp for you to apply. Thalmor, Dragon Rider and many other position opportunities are listed here.

25 0 Jun 11 2014, 02:39 PM
In: Dawnguard
By: Arcane

Collapse   The World
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No New Posts Whiterun

Whiterun Hold is the central hold of Skyrim. It is named for the capital city of the hold, Whiterun. The landscape is mostly boreal plains with vast, sparse tundra and flowing rivers; however its most striking landmark is the Throat of the World, the highest peak in Tamriel.

Subforums: Whiterun, Honningbrew Meadery, Rorikstead, Riverwood, High Hrothgar, Fort Greymoor, Fellgrow Keep

1 18 Jul 25 2014, 10:03 PM
In: Divergent Paths
By: Sader
No New Posts Winterhold

Winterhold is located on the north-east corner of Skyrim. It is a vastly cold region, most of the hold is covered in snowy tundra plains and high mountain ranges. The surrounding holds are Eastmarch, to the south, and The Pale, to the west.

Subforums: Winterhold, Driftshade Refuge, Fort Fellhammer, Fort Kastav

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No New Posts The Rift

The Rift is the most southeastern of the nine Holds of Skyrim. Much of the Rift is composed of lush, autumn-colored valleys and rivers, surrounded by mountains to the south, east, and northeast. It borders Morrowind to the east and Cyrodiil to the south.

Subforums: Riften, Ivarstead, Shor's Stones, Black-Briar Lodge, Goldenglow Estate, Fort Greenwall, Treva's Watch, Faldar's Tooth, Darklight Tower, Fort Dawnguard

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No New Posts The Reach

The Reach is one of the nine Holds of Skyrim. Its capital is the ancient Dwemer city of Markarth. Is often considered the most dangerous hold of Skyrim, fit only for seasoned adventurers or hardened mercenaries. The Reach covers much of the western border of Skyrim, with High Rock and Hammerfell to the west. These are the Highlands of Skyrim, a rugged environment with few flat clearings, dotted with juniper trees and rich in valuable ores, especially silver.

Subforums: Markarth, Old Hroldan, Karthwasten, Harmugstahl, Fort Sungard, Dushnikh Yal

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No New Posts The Pale

The Pale is one of the nine Holds of Skyrim. Its unique shape resembles that of a boot. The hold borders Hjaalmarch to the west, Whiterun to the south, and Winterhold and Eastmarch to the east. Most of the region is treacherously cold, pine forests stand straight facing the harsh winds whipping down the mountians. Only the southernmost part of the hold towards Whiterun becomes grassy plains.

Subforums: Dawnstar, Nightingale Inn, Heljarchen Hall, Hall of the Vigilant, Fort Dunstad, Nightcaller Temple

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No New Posts Falkreath

Falkreath Hold is the southernmost hold in Skyrim, with its capital in Falkreath. It is the second southernmost hold in Skyrim, after the Rift. It borders Cyrodiil to the south and Hammerfell to the west, with a single road leading to both provinces. It is covered in characteristic pine forests and described by its citizens as being covered in a fine mist that makes it seem seasonless.

Subforums: Falkreath, Helgen, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Cracked Tusk Keep, Fort Neugrad, Bloodleth Throne, Illiata's Deep

1 3 Jun 17 2014, 10:52 PM
In: All the Roads
By: Helvia Hawksley
No New Posts Eastmarch

Eastmarch is one of the nine Holds of Skyrim, located along the eastern border. The surrounding holds are Winterhold to the north, The Pale and Whiterun to the west and The Rift to the south. Central/south Eastmarch is a volcanically active area, plains with steaming gas leaking in between cracks in the ground, colourful, mineral filled bodies of water, and geysers.

Subforums: Windhelm, Kynesgrove, Gallows Rock, Morvunskar, Abandoned Prison, Fort Amol, Mistwatch, Narzulbur

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No New Posts Haafingar

Haafingar is the smallest Hold in area. It is the most remote, being located on a peninsula on the far northwest coast. The hold is separated from Hjaalmarch by the Karth River and The Reach by mountains. Dragon Bridge is the only access to the hold by road, crossing the Karth River. Much of the hold is rocky and mountainous with soaring snowy mountains surrounding the north and west of Solitude. The lower lying areas including Dragon Bridge to Solitude are mostly comprised of forests and hills.

Subforums: Solitude, Thalmor Embassy, Dragon Bridge, Fort Hraggstad, Northwatch Keep, Mor Khazgur, Castle Volkihar

1 0 Jun 12 2014, 07:54 PM
In: It's a Beautiful Day To...
By: Ardis Stormcloak
No New Posts Hjaalmarch

Hjaalmarch Hold is located in northern Skyrim, at the mouth of the Karth River. Morthal lies near the center of the hold. The hold borders Haafingar, separated by the Karth River to the northwest, The Reach to the west, Whiterun to the south and The Pale to the east. Much of the terrain is covered by wetlands, marshes, and swamps, which are infested with vampires.

Subforums: Morthal

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No New Posts Other Lands

These are the lands outside of the previously mentioned locations. Such lands are within the many different corners of the region. They include High Hrothgar, and the Throat of the World among many other places.

Subforums: Throat of the World, Forgotten Vale

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No New Posts The Tavern
New to the site? Come here and introduce yourself! If you are leaving the site, or are simply going away for a while, tell us all about it here.
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No New Posts The Fort
This is our plot board. Come here to plot with others, request threads, post open threads, etc.

Subforums: Thread Trackers, Journals, Most Wanted

1 0 May 22 2014, 05:50 PM
In: Open Thread Ad
By: Arcane
No New Posts The Keep
This is the board you want to head over to if you're here to either affiliate with us or just to advertise your board!
This forum is guest friendly and [dohtml] is permitted.

Subforums: First Time, Link Back, Affiliates

317 9 Aug 13 2018, 01:23 PM
In: Sahvot
By: Que
No New Posts The Inn
This is where all things out of character go. Discussions, games, and more can be found here!
Subforums: The Hearthfire, The Library

1 0 Jun 29 2014, 03:50 PM
In: Screenshots!
By: Arcane

Collapse   The Crypt
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No New Posts Archives
Everything old can be found in this forum.
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