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 CLASSES, Character Classes
 Posted: May 18 2014, 10:09 PM



What can you be?
Though often confused with profession, an individual's class is a given title based upon the abilities of that person. These abilities are generalized sets of skills, each falling into one of three umbrella fields; Combat, Stealth, and Magic.

Combat refers to one's ability to handle both weaponry and armors of different sorts, not to mention how to wield and maintain either. Those who are specialized in the field of Combat are generally strong and enduring.

Combat Skills
  • One-Handed Weaponry
  • Two-Handed Weaponry
  • Block
  • Archery
  • Heavy Armor
  • Smithing

Stealth refers to one's physical and social finesse. This includes one's dexterity in movement, such as moving silently, quickly, and gracefully about an area, as well as one's ability to convince and deceive others. Those skilled in this field are generally nimble and sharp minded.

Stealth Skills
  • Alchemy
  • Light Armor
  • Lockpicking
  • Pickpocket
  • Sneak
  • Speech

Magic, as implied, refers to one's abilities in the arcanic arts. These spells are powered by what is called Magicka: the energy blossoming within all of life, left behind from Magnus during the creation of the mortal plane. Those skilled in this field possess vast intellects, not to mention deep reserves of magicka, being able to wield the six distinct schools of Magic.

Magic Skills
  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction
  • Illusion
  • Restoration
  • Enchanting

The following classes are determined by their potential in these three fields, which is ranked between four distinct levels of mastery. These levels of mastery determine the maximum number of a field's individual skills that can be placed in their character's Skill Bonuses:
  • Novice: Up to 1 Skill
  • Apprentice: Up to 2 Skills
  • Adept: Up to 4 Skills
  • Expert: Up to 6 Skills

Combat Focused

user posted image
Warrior: Without finding need or interest in the arcane ways or a silver tongue, warriors are those that focus solely in the art of combat. They are incredibly strong and thick-skinned, making them ample soldiers for any army. Be it a blade, a hammer, or a bow, warriors are proficient in all forms of arms. The same can be said of their ability to maneuver excellently in all sorts of armor, although they are not particularly fast regardless. To put it bluntly as they would, a warrior is one who solves their problems with brawn and ballistics, ending dilemmas with combat.
Expert Combat | Novice Stealth | Novice Magic

user posted image
Battlemage: Those referred to as battlemages have an intermediate understanding of combat, and even dabble in the use of magic, though they do not find use for stealth. While combat-focused, they are not as proficient as the warriors, honing their skills with namely melee weaponry and heavy armor, but not in ranged weaponry. As far as magic goes, battlemages seldom focus in more than two schools of magic. As they are, people of such a class tend to combine the use of magic with their attacks, empowering them in ways no mere warrior ever could.
Adept Combat | Apprentice Magic | Novice Stealth

user posted image
Ranger: As expected of rangers, such individuals place their focus into the art of combat, specialized otherwise in their dexterity and silver tongues. Typically, rangers focus in the use of ranged weaponry and bladed tools, requiring their armor be light to allow them access to their honed agility. Rangers know that not every fight can be won with combat skills, and instead rely on tactics and deception to overcome the odds.
Adept Combat | Apprentice Stealth | Novice Magic

Stealth Focused

user posted image
Thief: Often referred to as rogues or acrobats, thieves are generally individuals who cast aside the need to focus in combat or magic, instead placing their skills into the art of stealth. They get by by stealing and lying, or tricking and sweet talking. What few weapons they wield, namely knives, are used to strike out at those from the shadows, but only to handle those that they would otherwise be unable to defeat. Seldom would a thief ever weigh his or herself down with armor or heavy weaponry. Magic and combat have no true purpose for a thief, keeping them from such trivial things as fighting full fledged battles.
Expert Stealth | Novice Combat | Novice Magic

user posted image
Agent: There are those who choose to focus in the arts of deception and agility, while retaining the use of the arcanic arts to aid in such ways. These particular people have been called shadow walkers and agents alike, using magic to give their trickery a supernatural level of capability. With their lack of skill or training in combat, agents are quick to talk their way out of situations or simply escape rather than fight. Though not quite as skilled in Stealth as thieves are known to be, an agent’s use of sorcery grants them the most applicable and surprising form of it. As they are not highly honed spell weavers, Agents shy from using more than two schools of magic.
Adept Stealth | Apprentice Magic | Novice Combat

user posted image
Assassin: The art of Stealth is a deadly blade in the hands of someone also capable in Combat, and an Assassin is just that. While not as ample-tongued as a run-of-the-mill thief would be, assassins take their focus to the physical aspect of Stealth, being quick and silent. With a secondary focus in the use of weaponry, namely projectiles and blades, an assassin will strike when the moment is right to defeat their enemies. However, they are not well adept in fighting, and so their longevity in a battlefield is a short lived as their presence should be. Though not on the battlefield very long, assassins know much about combat, enough so that they are nimble even in light armor, making up for their lack of high agility with a second layer of defense.
Adept Stealth | Apprentice Combat | Novice Magic

Magic Focused

user posted image
Mage: Those called mages, sorcerers, wizards, or blessed will be given such a title for various reasons; one may have been raised by Magic users their entire lives, while others may simply hold great natural potential for the use of the arcanic ways. Compared to any other class, mages are the strongest in terms of using spells, and have many schools of Magic at their disposal. However, what ties all mages together is their dedicated use of Magic. Choosing to cast aside the specially trained use of weapons, armor, speech, and even dexterity, mages instead rely on the sheer power of their spells to aid them in whatever situation comes. These individuals are often quite wise despite their ages, and hold a great selection of specially crafted spells to aid them in everyday life. Though powerful when in touch with their magicka, for one of these individuals to lose access to their abilities will bring upon the deepest sense of doom into any mage. To them, Magic is everything.
Expert Magic | Novice Combat | Novice Stealth

user posted image
Nightblade: Some prodigies who could be called mages find that they also require charismatic and nimble features to keep themselves alive, while others turn to becoming deadly mercenaries with mysterious powers. These individuals—these nightblades—are those who have an impressive use of Magic, but also a secondary focus in Stealth. While not as powerful as mages and wizards, nightblades typically hold up to four schools of magic under their wing, giving them variability in the way they manipulate the world. On top of this, their silver tongues and silent steps give them potential to be assassins and interrogators. Nightblades are certainly one of the more terrifying of classes, as most of their kind stray towards the darker alignments.
Adept Magic | Apprentice Stealth | Novice Combat

user posted image
Spellsword: While battlemages wield spells to enhance their fighting, a spellsword could be considered the polar opposite. It is their side focus in Combat that enhances their Magic, giving them the edge of unpredictability. These individuals are more suited for the battlefield than the other magic focused classes; while their spells make up the bulk of their attacks, they do possess some impressive swordsmanship and maneuverability in light armor, and often alternate between such schools as destruction and melee strikes without warning. While they only know about four schools of magic, spellswords are considerably the most Combat-oriented magic user of them all.
Adept Magic | Apprentice Combat | Novice Stealth


user posted image
Adventurer: While not considered a true class, an adventurer is the general term used for those experienced with part of the world, while not being ignorant civilians otherwise. They are typically knowledgeable in all forms of abilities—Combat, Stealth, and Magic—and can perform all three with signs of having learned them. However, they hold no true focus in any of the three fields, and so their abilities are typically lacking in all areas. While not the strongest, the most cunning, nor a strong enough spellweaver to use more than two schools of magic, adventurers have a small taste of everything. After all, what allows an adventurer to overcome the odds isn’t how potent they are in Combat, Stealth, or Magic—it’s how they use the diverse skills they are limited to.
Apprentice Combat | Apprentice Stealth | Apprentice Magic

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