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    elcome to BEYOND THE FALL, a post-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim RP forum. This RP forum is rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, & Use of Alcohol. It is recommended that you are 18+ to join BtF.

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    t's Summer Time! I hope you've got your roleplaying faces on, because we are officially opened! For all you guests out there, be sure to join in on the fun as we kick-off the start of the site with the Felcrown plot! We are hoping to fill up as many leadership positions as we can so that we can get this party started.

    There are unlimited number of characters that you can make, but keep in mind that when it comes to activity checks, we will have a minimum post-count per character since its creation in order for you to keep it. If not, they will be declared inactive and will be sent to the archives.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to shoot a staff member a PM, or you are free to post in our member support forum in The Summit category.

    -- Arcane, the Great

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 Plot, Plot
 Posted: May 13 2014, 12:22 AM


    Where are we now?
    Fifty years have passed since the famed Battle of the Tongues, in which Alduin the World Eater was slain by the legendary Dovahkiin. His death echoed across the lands, forever changing the fate of Nirn and bringing an end to the Dovahkiin’s prophecy. This hero’s actions meant Tamriel’s safety, as well as the freedom for Dragons once subjugated by the World Eater’s will.

    Shortly after Alduin’s fall, the Dovahkiin made it her duty to aid the rebellious Nords in retaking the throne, resulting in Ulfric Stormcloak becoming the new high King of Skyrim. Pushed from their place in the kingdom, the once-Imperials now harbor a grudge toward both the Dovahkiin and her associates, reduced to soldiers for hire and simple peasants without their kingdom.

    The dragons took refuge across Tamriel, though many now settle within the mountainous confines Skyrim provides. Free of Alduin’s dark purpose, these beasts are now considerably less hostile towards the province’s inhabitants, although they still remain as hungry as predators can be. It was shortly after the World Eater’s defeat that Ulfric appointed the Dovahkiin as the official in charge of securing the balance set between man and dragons, granting her the title of Dovmonah (Mother of Dragons). From then on, the Dovmonah has extended her knowledge of the Thu’um and the beasts to Skyrim’s inhabitants, in hopes to provide an understanding between both men and dragons.

    However, trouble stirs presently within Skyrim, rearing its head upon the death of Ulfric.

    Though the high king has left children to take the throne before departing, Skyrim’s throne has been challenged by the uprising of several new factions. Without a strong leader, and with the Dovmonah having passed before the high king, the empire is now without an assured victory. However, despite the deaths of Skryim’s two legendary heroes, Ulfric’s plans have been laid long since, setting into motion the defense of his home: granting harmony between dragon and his men.

    Sides are being taken. War is drawing near. The last of Skyrim’s heroes has died. Nothing is certain.

    One can only imagine what lies beyond the high king’s fall

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